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Mobile Lead Capture for Real Estate Professionals

Smart Lead Capture is a mobile marketing system that enables real estate professionals to market their listings and capture leads over a mobile device. With smart lead capture, agents and brokers can capture leads by offering their clients the ability to “text for more information” about a property listed for sale or rent. Our system uses custom auto-responders to automatically send information to your lead as soon as they activate your service by texting one of your SMART CODEs to 54561.

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How Does Smart Lead Capture Work?

With our service you choose your main SMART CAPTURE CODE (JoeAgent). Then you are automatically assigned sub-codes – i.e. JoeAgent1, JoeAgent2, JoeAgent3 etc.. When a prospect texts one of your SMART CAPTURE CODEs to 54561, they will automatically receive a message back with whatever information (text or links) you wish to share with them. These are called SMS Auto-responders, and each CAPTURE CODE can have a unique one! You can set up or edit your SMS auto-responders anytime! As soon as your prospect uses one of your SMART CAPTURE CODEs, their cell phone number is sent to you via text and email for immediate follow-up. This lead is also stored in our system and accessible through your account.

Test it for yourself by sending a text message to: 54561 and enter JoeAgent in the message field.

Visit SmartLeadCapture.com to View Pricing or Learn More