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Mobile Real Estate

These days, real estate IS mobile. It has to be because that is where the consumers are. Over the past few years we have seen our mobile traffic rise so dramatically it now rivals and sometimes beats our desktop traffic.

To keep up with demand, we have developed several mobile specific tools and features. First, our single property websites include a mobile specific version. This mobile website was designed to load fast and display all of the valuable property information optimally for a small screen. Our mobile guest book captures leads when prospects view the property site from their mobile device. We also include QR codes with every site so our users can easily drive traffic to their property details simply by offering the QR for scanning.

Smart Lead Capture (SLC) is a new mobile lead capture platform brought to you by Properties Online, Inc. This service allows real estate professionals to capture mobile leads by offering home buyers the ability to text for more information about a home listed for sale or rent.

With Smart Lead Capture, each property is assigned a Smart Capture Code that when sent via SMS to the Properties Online short code, will send the user information about the property along with a link to the property's mobile website.

Test it for yourself by sending a text message to: 54561 and enter P120 in the message field.

*Standard Text and Data Rates Apply*

Visit SmartLeadCapture.com to Learn More